Friday, September 23, 2011

Coming Soon In Art!

Kindergarten students are learning about the element of art, line. They will soon learn the basic care and use of paint and paint brushes.

First Grade students will discuss Henri Matisse's painting The Painter's Family. Students will get experience drawing all the parts of the body and create a family portrait.

Second Grade students are learning about the element of art, texture. The have identified and collected a variety of textures by making rubbings from surfaces around the art room. Students are learning how to create texture in a drawing or painting by using line and shape.

Third Grade students are learning the proportions of a face. After practicing using proportion guidelines in a self-portrait, students will complete a series of portraits of their classmates using the same technique.

Fourth Grade students are learning about self-portraits. Students viewed a PowerPoint slide show while they thought about and discussed famous artists' self-portraits. They are reviewing the proportions of the face. Students will  complete a self-portrait from observation using a mirror and proportion guidelines.